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Journey Inside the Fantastical
Hollow Earth—Part Two
(issue #55)

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Journey Inside the Fantastical Hollow Earth: Part Two
  • Darker Era for a Colorful Legend
  • Phantom of the Poles?
  • The Cold Reality (Arctic exploration by surface travel)
  • Gardner’s Last Gasp
  • Clearing the Air (Arctic exploration by air)
  • Legend of Lost Lemuria
  • Mystic Mountain (the Lemurians of Mount Shasta)
  • Nazis In the Hollow
  • Tunnels Into Terror (the Shaver Mystery)
  • Flying Back to Symzonia

By Daniel Loxton. This issue’s cover is based upon a 1920 diagram of a concentric spheres model of the Earth, which appeared in A Journey to the Earth’s Interior. Color treatment by Daniel Loxton.

from the Introduction


In this issue of Junior Skeptic, we’ll dig down further into wild and wonderful claims that there are secret worlds inside our planet, hidden beneath our feet. We learned last issue that the “Hollow Earth” began as a quirky but serious proposal by astronomer Edmond Halley, back in the earliest dawn of the scientific age. This idea was then promoted by eccentric thinkers such as John Cleves Symmes, who believed the interior could be entered through vast holes at the unexplored North and South Poles. But what happened when exploration and increasing scientific knowledge left these speculations behind? Let’s find out!

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