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Bat-People on the Moon!
(issue #56)

Junior Skeptic cover


Skeptic Vol 20n03 cover
Junior Skeptic can be found within this issue of Skeptic magazine.

in this issue

Bat-People on the Moon!
  • Storytellers’ Temptation
  • A New Kind of News
  • To The Moon!
  • The Hoaxer
  • Inhabitants of the Moon?
  • The Lunar Hoax Begins
  • Marvels on the Moon
  • Moon Madness
  • The Hoax Exposed
  • The Hoaxer Breaks His Silence
  • The Real Herschel Reacts
  • Bathtubs and Balderdash
  • Mermaids, Bathtubs, and Presidents
  • Further Reading

By Daniel Loxton. Interior art by Daniel Loxton & Jim Smith. This issue’s cover features a digital painting by Daniel Loxton.

from the Introduction


In this issue we’ll be talking about bat-people. And sheep. And unicorns. On the Moon! What’s that you say? The Moon obviously can’t have unicorns because it doesn’t even have air to breathe? Well, sure, that’s a good point. But what if I told you the world’s most popular newspaper once announced the discovery of these and many other fantastical lunar lifeforms? Moreover, people believed those claims. How on Earth were New York City newspaper readers taken in by a far-fetched fantasy about flying Moon-bats? Find out in this issue of Junior Skeptic!

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