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Mammoth Mysteries! Part Two
(issue #61)

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Mammoth Mysteries! Part Two
  • Putting the Pieces Together
  • Man-Eating Mastadon?
  • Extinction and Prehistory
  • Mammoth Hunters
  • The Missouri Leviathan
  • Newspaper Hoaxes
  • The Smithsonian’s Mythical Mammoth
  • Mammoths Caught on Film?
  • Lingering Questions
  • Can We Cloan a Mammoth?

By Daniel Loxton. This issue’s cover features a digital painting of a mastodon by Daniel Loxton.

from the Introduction


Mammoths and mastodons were the first fossil creatures ever to be reconstructed and understood for what they were: animals that lived during a previous prehistoric age and then vanished into extinction. What did this mean for the history of life? What scientific puzzles remained to be solved? And, which mammoth myths and mysteries continue to this day? Let’s find out!

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