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The Colossal Case of the Cardiff Giant
(issue #71)

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Skeptic Vol 24n02 cover
Junior Skeptic can be found within this issue of Skeptic magazine.

in this issue

The Colossal Case of the Cardiff Giant
  • discovery of the Cardiff Giant statue
  • giants loom large
  • American giants
  • The Mastadon
  • George Hull, a dastardly scoundrel
  • hatching a giant scheme
  • carving a giant, secret burial, creating a giant sensation
  • cash and controversy; the giant on tour
  • the truth comes out
  • aftermath and lessons learned.

This issue’s cover features a digital painting by Daniel Loxton, based upon a c.1870–1908 drawing of the Cardiff Giant (artist unknown).

from the Introduction


In this issue of Junior Skeptic we’ll tell a story of gigantic proportions! Once upon a time, America buzzed with claims that the remains of a giant had been dug up from a field in New York state. It was over ten feet tall and made entirely of stone. Amazed onlookers said this was the fossilized body of a colossal human being. Could this be true? Was America once home to a lost race of giants? Or was this a whopper too big to swallow? Let’s find out!

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