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The Howling Horror of Werewolves!
(issue #75)

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The Howling Horror of Werewolves!
  • Hollywood Werewolves
  • Origins of Werewolves
  • Werewolves in the Ancient World
  • Medieval Werewolves
  • Hungry Wolves
  • Becoming Wolves
  • Witches and Wolf Trials
  • Werewolves and Witchcraft
  • Demons, Science, and Insanity
  • The Beast of Gevaudan
  • Can Werewolves be Explained?
  • American Werewolves

from the Introduction


In this issue of Junior Skeptic, we will dare to track down some of the most ferocious beasts from movies and myth—werewolves! These savage shapeshifters have inspired tales of terror for centuries. People didn’t always believe that werewolves were make-believe creatures. For hundreds of years werewolves were feared as an all too deadly threat. Farmers huddled near guttering candles at night, terrified that bloodthirsty beasts prowled just outside the door. Soldiers hunted werewolves. Accused werewolves were captured and punished. Amazingly, witnesses have even reported werewolf sightings in modern America! How can that be? Let’s find out!

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