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Episode Notes for
2012—The Year in Monsters

TO WIND UP 2012, MonsterTalk welcomes back Sharon Hill, founder of the Doubtful News website, to talk us through a year’s worth of monstrous topics.

Topics in this episode

1. Bigfoot
Ketchum project
Sasquatch: Ketchum If You Can (MonsterTalk # 60)
Sykes Oxford DNA project
Sierra Kills episode
Hoaxer killed in Montana
Russian yeti claims
Chinese expedition for Yeren
Prize money offered by Spike
Continued popularity of Finding Bigfoot
2. Mammoth video hoax
3. Icelandic worm video
4. Unidentified carcasses
East River monster
Beach body
San Diego Demonoid
5. Mermaids
6. Zombies don’t exist says the CDC
7. Crypto adventure to the congo fails
8. Loch Ness George Edwards humpty hump photo
9. Local terrors
Sulawesi attack
Man eating leopard
Giant eyeball
Goblins in Zimbabwe
Namibia magic creature
Scary creatures in Mumbai
10. Big cat reports
Essex lion
Puyallap tiger
11. Vampire in Serbia
12. Thylacine video hoax


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