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Episode 192
The Shaver Mysteries (Part 1)

In this episode of MonsterTalk, we get a brief overview of the history of Hollow Earth theories and start our deep dive into the topic of The Shaver Mystery with repeat guests Dr. Jerry Drake and Dr. Jeb Card. Weird-Science, lost civilizations, UFOs, and Nazis — this story has more threads than a fancy bedsheet set!

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Some links from the Hollow Earth introduction

There’s lots more discussed in the episode and in part 2’s show notes. Here are a few more helpful links:

  • Dan Loxton’s Junior Skeptic Hollow Earth coverage Part 1 and Part 2 were very helpful.
  • Wired magazine’s 2014 Hollow Earth article was also useful for me.
  • I haven’t read it, but 2004’s book-length bibliography of Hollow World texts Subterranean Worlds looks both comprehensive and interesting.


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