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The Nightline Face-off:
Does God Have a Future?
Deepak Chopra v. Michael Shermer

Science and faith do battle as arch rivals Michael Shermer and Deepak Chopra debate in this ABC Nightline Face-off from March 2010.

This article was published on October 5, 2011.


18 responses to “The Nightline Face-off:
Does God Have a Future?
Deepak Chopra v. Michael Shermer

  1. PierrevL says:

    In response to Zaki Aminu Dec 3, 2011
    No, not at all!

    • Zaki Aminu says:

      YES IT IS! And the idea that we don’t need dictionaries and can just claim that our hearts are God is simply ludicrous! Are hearts are CREATED things – NOT THE CREATOR!

  2. Zaki Aminu says:

    Which is just a cowardly and dishonest way of evading the issue rather than admitting you DON’T REALLY KNOW what YOU MEAN by the Word “GOD”, is it not?

  3. PierrevL says:

    The most dissapointing aspect of the debate is that the topic “Future of God” was not really discussed between the panelists. No answer was offered.
    The answer is really simple – GOD does not have (or require) a future. He exist only in the present moment – that split second called NOW – and gone it is and belongs to the past – only possible to think about it again as a recollection from storage (memory, some call it).
    And when is NOW – any point on the circumference of the smallest circle that you (or science or mathematics) can concieve.
    Thank GOD for the smallest – the smallest has the whole of GOD in it.

    • Zaki Aminu says:

      God is the Supreme Reality, as ANY good dictionary will point out – and therefore Exists UNCONDITIONALLY – Eternally!

      • PierrevL says:

        How dissapointing that you need a dictionary to define GOD.
        The NOW is eternally every single (split second) moment.
        And GOD is there – always omnipresent.

        • Zaki Aminu says:

          No. God is NOT the NOW. God is Supreme Reality. These are two quite different things. A dictionary is handy for finding out what words actually mean. I recommend it to you.

        • PierrevL says:

          I decided last night to stop responding, but this morning I was told to give you a message: The TRUE definition of GOD is not to be found in a dictionary, but in the stilness of our heart, because a dictionary is a man-made thing while the heart is GOD-made flesh.
          You either experience GOD fully (in your heart), or you don’t.

  4. PierrevL says:

    Well, 6 min 31 sec into Part 8 of the debate Michael Shermer says: “When Mohamed Atar flew the plane into the WTC building, I AM FIRMLY CONVINCED he believe in Love …” etc.
    Now Michael, as Mr Skeptic, how did you get convinced? Did you had a word with him about those qualities? Before or after the crash?
    I am suddenly less convinced about your objectivity.

  5. HotArcanine666 says:

    So the gist of the second guy is “I don’t have any explanation of how the universe started so an intelligence did it” A classic argument from ignorance and incredulity.

    • Zaki Aminu says:

      Now don’t be stupid! The explanation based on Intelligence is NOT a default position but stands on its own. Intelligence is something that exists UNCONDITIONALLY – and is capable of bringing about ALL ELSE! It alone has this ability! NOTHING ELSE! Are you suggesting that dumb Matter could EVER be a candidate for how the Cosmos arose? Don’t be stupid!

  6. HotArcanine666 says:

    So the gist of the second guy us “I don’t have any explanation of how the universe started so an intelligence did it” A classic argument from ignorance and incredulity.

    • Zaki Aminu says:

      No. The point I’m making is that EVERYTHING is done by an intelligence. Dumb Matter has no power to do ANYTHING AT ALL! It’s INERT as physics tell us. The Law of Inertia says it is INCAPABLE of doing ANYTHING AT ALL – and can ONLY RESPOND to things done by those who have the power to do. ONLY INTELLIGENCE has the power to do ANYTHING. And to believe that ANYTHING can JUST HAPPEN – FOR NO REASON – perhaps if you wait long enough is the nadir of ignorance and absurdity. The absolute antithesis to science and logic!

  7. Zaki Aminu says:

    The very same people that claim that they have no free will also want to claim that they can make something – even God! What arrant nonsense!

  8. JULIE PARENTI says:

    Since God made us in his image… I believe if we want him to, he will. Our empowerment can decide.

    • Shane says:

      You’ve got that a little backward. We made god in our image, not the other way around.

    • HotArcanine666 says:

      Prove that there is a God.
      Prove you know his will.
      Prove that his will is sound.

      BTW, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. All three questions deal with extraordinary claims and therefore all three require extraordinary evidence. Also refrain from using the bible. The bible is a book full of MANY extraordinary claims and therefore using it will not prove anything. Instead using the bible drastically increases the things that you need to prove.

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