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SRC Fellowship Opportunities

The Skeptic Research Center (SRC), under the umbrella of the Skeptics Society, is currently accepting applications for two Skeptic Research Center Fellows.

What is the SRC?

Since 1992, the Skeptics Society has been debunking bunk and junking junk science, along with responding to conspiracy theories and general ideological woo that seems to corrupt and cloud so much of our discourse.

The Skeptic Research Center is a wing of the Skeptics Society. It is a collaboration with qualified researchers to release digestible single-topic analyses of proprietary polling and survey data, detailing peoples’ attitudes about the important concerns of our time.

Data and evidence are our best tools for diagnosing and remedying the many problems confronting society, from political polarization and income inequality to climate change and fake news. The goal of the SRC is to empower the average person with an understanding of what their fellow citizens really believe and how they really behave.

What is an SRC Fellow?

This is a one-year part-time volunteer position. This position is ideal for someone excited about conducing survey research and sharing that research via video and/or written works. This is not a research assistant position. Fellows will work closely with a pre-existing network of researchers and principal investigators to:

  1. analyze and write-up research findings from the SRC’s proprietary datasets
  2. launch new survey studies that are already in-development for the coming year

Required Qualifications

  1. graduate degree in psychology, sociology, political science, economics, statistics, or a related field.
  2. proficiency in using at least one statistical software package (e.g., SPSS, Stata)
  3. excellent verbal and written communication skills

Preferred Qualifications

In addition to what is listed above, preference will be given to individuals who can demonstrate:

  1. experience with survey research
  2. success working independently

How to Apply

Email the following materials in a single PDF to :

  1. CV or resume that details experience and relevant skills
  2. Cover letter explaining your interest in the position
  3. Work sample (a writing sample or other work that demonstrates statistics skills)

Application deadline: Friday, April 29, 2022.
Questions about this position can be sent to .


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