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Skeptics Presents: B.Y.T.H. Busters
(The Secret Law of Attraction)

We are pleased to present the second in a series of videos that promote science and critical thinking through the use of humor, wit, and satire. In this video, B.Y.T.H. Busters: The Secret Law of Attraction, Adam Average and Jamie Imtheman put the “Law of Attraction” to the test. If you missed our first video, The Con Academy, watch it now!

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CREDITS: Special thanks to David Cowan, Daniel Mendez, and Jim Robinson for their support in launching this new series of Skeptic videos.

Written and Produced by: Brian Keith Dalton, Michael Shermer, Pat Linse. Directed, lensed, and edited by: Brian Keith Dalton. Executive Producers: David Cowan, Daniel Mendez, Jim Robinson. Featuring: Brian Keith Dalton, Michael Shermer, Gingi Yee, Beyla Burke, Tom Vilot. Production Assistants: Eduard Pastor, Gediminas Schuppenhauer. Music by: and Final Cut Pro Production music. Additional Video by: Shot on: Panasonic AF100, Gh2, and Gh3 cameras.


3 responses to “Skeptics Presents: B.Y.T.H. Busters
(The Secret Law of Attraction)”

  1. rick says:

    Too funny, keep it guys.

  2. Robert J Schryvers says:

    Clearly you aren’t doing it right, because the books left out the magic key to make it all work, and only the advanced master levels know how to make it work.

    Seminar in Vegas this summer for $5k

    That, and your skeptic “energy” is blocking it.

    • Jilvan Santos says:

      “That, and your skeptic “energy” is blocking it.”

      I hope you are not being serious on your comment, mate.

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