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Heuristics and Cognitive Biases
Among the American Electorate

This presentation depicts the history of academic thought on voter turnout and shows how recent neuroscience has changed the prevailing wisdom on the subject. While political science scholars of the 70’s and 80’s believed voters were rational calculators, neuroscience has shown that emotion and narrative play a strong role in this process. This presentation was created by Michael Mermelstein for Dr. Michael Shermer’s course, “Evolution, Economics & the Brain” taught at Claremont Graduate University during the spring 2012 semester.

(182 kb Powerpoint Presentation)

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One response to “Heuristics and Cognitive Biases
Among the American Electorate”

  1. Willie O'Brien says:

    “The American Electorate is to uniformed and uninterested in politics to bother to vote. ”
    I gave up after this sentence.

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