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Junior Skeptic cover

Junior Skeptic #20
Bigfoot (part 1 of 2)

Deep in the forests and mountains of the West Coast of North America, giants are said to walk. Bigfoot is an enduring cryptozoological mystery — but it wasn’t always so. Learn how the legend began — and how the “sasquatch” myth evolved over time…

Junior Skeptic cover

Junior Skeptic #19
The Loch Ness Monster

In Scotland, at a lake called Loch Ness, dragons are said to stir. Modern legends speak of huge, elusive, fearsome beasts lurking in the murky depths. Could the stories be true? Find out what seven decades of investigators have learned…

Junior Skeptic cover

Junior Skeptic #18
The Curse of King Tut

For over 3000 years, the tomb of a teenage god-king lay preserved beneath the sands of Egypt. When explorers uncovered his fabulous treasures, did they also unleash a terrifying supernatural killer?

Junior Skeptic cover

Junior Skeptic #17
The Bermuda Triangle

According to legend, there is a place where boats, ships, and even powerful military aircraft sometimes sail out into calm, clear weather… and then just vanish, without a trace. And here’s the thing: people do vanish in the Bermuda Triangle…

Junior Skeptic cover

Junior Skeptic #16
The Yeti

For 150 years, scientists and adventurers have asked: do the dizzying, frozen heights of the highest mountains on Earth conceal a shaggy, unknown beast? What is the yeti — and is it possible that we’ve had the answer all along?

Junior Skeptic cover

Junior Skeptic #15
Alien Life

Are we alone in the universe? It is perhaps the greatest unsolved mystery of all time. Are the imaginings of science fiction writers the only answer we’ll ever have — or can humans search out the truth?

Junior Skeptic cover

Junior Skeptic #14
Cadborosaurus & Sea Serpents

According to legend, a vast and awesome monster slides through the frigid waters of the Pacific Northwest, sliding undetected between green islands and through the drizzling rain. It is said to be an 80-foot predator, called Cadborosaurus. Could it really exist?

Junior Skeptic cover

Junior Skeptic #13
Bad Medicine

Without scalpel or anesthetic, a “psychic surgeon” reaches inside another person's body and removes cancerous tumors with his bare hands. He then shows that the incision has healed instantly, without stitches or even a scar. Is it a miracle — or a deadly scam?

Junior Skeptic cover

Junior Skeptic #12
Pick a Card…

This is an abbreviated, two-page issue of Junior Skeptic, comprising a card trick by “Madman of Magic” Bob Friedhoffer.

Junior Skeptic cover

Junior Skeptic #11
The Moon Landing “Hoax”

Neil Armstrong’s first step onto the moon represented one of humanity’s all-time greatest achievements. Yet, there are those who say it never happened — and they claim they can prove it. Was the moon landing a hoax created with Hollywood special effects?

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