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Further Reading for issue 23:
excerpt from Exposé de M.A. Bovis au Congrès International de Radiotellerie à Nice
by Antoine Bovis, translated by Jean-Paul Buquet

In a 1930s pamphlet, mystic Antoine Bovis described the ‘discovery’ of pyramid power in his own words — a version that completely refutes the colorful yarn that paranormal authors have told and retold for decades.

Virtually all secondary sources assert that Bovis discovered pyramid power while standing in the King’s Chamber in the great Pyramid at Giza. On the contrary, according to Bovis, he formed his pyramid ideas through armchair reasoning and occult experiments in France, “Being unable to go there to experiment and verify the radiations of the Keops Pyramid” in person.

We’re pleased to present Bovis in his own words, with thanks to Jean-Paul Buquet for the translation.

Download the entire original French-language booklet (a 3.6 MB PDF) >

The True ‘Discovery’ of Pyramid Power

Antoine Bovis

pendulum dowsing guru Antoine bovis

People who have read Secret des Pharaons (Secret of the Pharaohs) by the Reverend Abbé Moreaux, head of the Bourges Observatory — and I should mention as an aside that the Abbé Moreaux is totally opposed to dowsing, according to his articles published in several newspapers that I read recently — I was mentioning that people who read this book noticed that the author wonders how the Keops Pyramid could have been so precisely aligned that its meridian traverses the true North to an approximation no greater than 16 minutes, when all the monuments built later are far off this degree of precision, in spite of the instruments we now possess. Therefore, I1 have supposed that Egyptians were already very good dowsers and had oriented their pyramid by means of rod and pendulum. Being unable to go there to experiment and verify the radiations of the Keops Pyramid, I have built with cardboard some pyramids that you can see now, and I was astonished when, having built a regular pyramid and oriented it, I found the positive at the East, the negative at the West, and at the North and the South, dual-positive and dual-negative. After pondering this for quite a long time, I concluded — based on the theory of form induction — that I had assembled a pyramid whose base was equal to its height, when the Keops Pyramid is 232m (761ft) at its base, with a height of approximately 148m (485ft). Could the form have an influence on the radiations? Then I built a second pyramid that you see now, 24cm by 15cm (9.4" by 5.9"), which is a 1/1000 replicate of the Keops Pyramid. The supposition was right, and this time the 4 compass points corresponded perfectly to the 4 swings of the pendulum, the positive properly at the North.

So it is the case that the Egyptians knew of the influence of form on the induction of bodies, since they gave their pyramid the exact dimension to correlate with a true orientation. But better things are to come.

Mummification by Pyramid

I have measured exactly with a Biomètre the radiations of the 4 sides and I have found positive 215° at the North, negative 215° at the South, dual-positive 240° at the East, and at the West negative 75° only (notice that this negative 75° reading at the west of the pyramid corresponds to the most harmful waves that we know of). Then I measured the radiations inside the monument at around a third of its height, where the so-called Royal Chamber is located, and I found a result of positive 2000°. A new supposition: since with the help of our positive 2000° magnetic plates we can mummify small animals, could the pyramid have the same property? I tried, and as you can observe with the small fish and the little piece of meat still hanging, I succeeded totally. Therefore, without proclaiming anything, I ask the question: was not this very Royal Chamber a magnetic chamber that could be used for various experiments?

Influence of Pyramid Coloration

It is said that pyramids were originally covered with colored plates of marble. I painted this pyramid in a griotte red, which barely influenced the radiations, made only just longer; but if I paint 2 sides in green and 2 sides in stone-grey, we will see that the green side varies its wavelength according to the orientation, with the highest length — positive 215° — when turned towards the East. We have negative 190° to the North, 190° to the West, positive 190° to the South, which modifies every length I had measured before. And I ask here another question: have not the form and the color of mountains, because of their magnetic induction, a substantial influence on the regional climate?

Simple conjecture: could the marvelous climate of Locarno in Switzerland, where orange trees, palm trees, camphor trees grow in spite of the latitude, be due to the form and the color of the mountains of the region? And what about our Côte d’Azur (French Riviera)?

Magnetic Field Encircling Pyramids

A curious phenomenon about pyramids: when they are lit, one can find on the ground a few meters (feet) from their bases straight-lined radiations that may lead to think that they were built like the Menhirs, to mark the crossing of underground sources (Not proven!!!). This fact would be a curious one, because it would mean 4 underground sources intersecting at a 90° angle, composing a rectangle with every pyramid at its center; until disproved, I attribute the radiation lines to being caused by cosmic waves reflected by each side, the experiments I have conducted in the laboratory appear to confirm this supposition.

  1. Translator Jean-Paul Buquet notes, “This is written in a pretty rambling but stuffy French très années 1900, and the author uses ‘nous’ for ‘je.’ I have chosen to translate ‘nous’ into ‘I,’ not ‘we’ in this text when appropriate.”

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Bovis, Antoine. “excerpt from Exposé de M.A. Bovis au Congrès International de Radiotellerie à Nice.” Nice: Bovis, c. 1935. Translated by Jean-Paul Buquet. (accessed July 14, 2024)
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