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Skeptic volume 05 number 4

volume 05 number 4

Acupuncture’s Secrets Revealed; A Not-So-Psychic Detective; The Myth of Egyptian Pi; What’s Your Sign?; In Search of the Chinese Fountain of Youth…
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Skeptic volume 05 number 3

volume 05 number 3

Fake Fairy Photos by James Randi; Aliens Replace Spooks in the Carnival Funhouse; Princess Diana Conspiracies; Why Do Militias Exist? PLUS a Response From Militia Expert Richard Abanes; Homeopathy and The Office of Alternative Medicine; Houdini v. The Blond Witch of Lime Street Millennium Special: What is the Millennium? by Stephen Jay Gould. Special Section on Anthropology: How Humans Explain Human Origins; An Interview with Paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson by Frank Miele; Margaret Mead’s Mistake by Derek Freeman; Conflicting Views of Myth and Science by Kenneth L. Feder; God and the Ghost Dance—The Eternal Return of the Messiah Myth by Michael Shermer Reviews, Skeptical News, Forum, and Randy Cassingham’s Dumbth News
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Skeptic volume 05 number 2

volume 05 number 2
The God Question

Martin Gardner Interview; Bible Code; Einstein’s God; What Happened to Atheism?; God Evidence?; Rural Religions; Case Against Immortality…
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Skeptic volume 05 number 1

volume 05 number 1
Environmental Science

Ecologists vs. Economists: A Quick & Dirty Guide to the Environmental Debate: Is Environmental Science polluted by Politics?; The Beautiful People Myth; Population Risk Assesment; The Not-So-Wise-Use Movement; Julian Simon Slams Eco-Crybabies; Top Scientists' Ecological Warning; PLUS: Fred Crews on Modern American Witch Hunters; More Dumbth News; Ancient Astro-NOTS; PC-Panic Debate Continues; The Ghost Dance Returns as UFO Hope; The Murky Origins of the Hale-Bopp UFO Fiasco; Polls Show Americans Steadfast in Religious Beliefs. Randi on Pigasus Awards; Human Magnets; Dowsing; Futurists. Reviews; Skeptical News; Forum. BONUS INCLUDED: The Premier Edition of James Randi's Outrageous New Publication: Swift
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Skeptic volume 04 number 4

volume 04 number 4
Carl Sagan Tribute

$742,000 Says Therapeutic Touch is Bogus; Dismantling History; A Tribute to Carl Sagan; Special Section: Can History Be a Science?; Birth Order as Destiny—An Interview with Frank Sulloway; 4 Ways History Can Be a Science; Have Deconstructionists Destroyed History?; Can We Know What Really Happened in the Past?; Detecting the “Human Energy Field”; Cheating for Jesus?—Creationist’s Questionable Tactics; 1996 Dumbth News; Randi—Become a Media Psychic!; Early Ghostbusters; N-Rays-Where’d They Go?; Nostradamus Debunked; 13 Questions Astrologers Can’t Answer; Encouraging Students to Think Critically; Norman Levitt Blasts His Critics…
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Skeptic volume 04 number 3

volume 04 number 3

Louis Farrakhan and Paranoia in African-American Politics; The New World Order, 666 and The End of the World; The Greatest Political Correctness Conspiracy Hoax; Who Really Runs America? Jerry Brown on Politics & Money; Psychoanalysis as Religion, Cult and Political Movement; Cracking the Bell Curve Myth; The “End of Science” Debate: Is It?; First Time In English! A Skeptical Historical Masterpiece: Benjamin Franklin and Antoine Lavoisier Investigate Mesmerism for Louis XVI of France; The Amazing Randi on Police Psychics; Who Become A Science Heretic?; Humor: Abducted by Hollywood; Aliens Arrive on Independence Day; What Will Tomorrow Bring?
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Skeptic volume 04 number 2

volume 04 number 2
Evolutionary Ethics

Interview: Living Within Limits & Limits on Living Garrett Hardin on Ecology, Economy, and Ethics; Toward a Science of Morality; In Our Own Self Image: The Evolution of Morality, Deception, and Religion; Prospects for Existence: Morality and Genetic Engineering; Plants, Property & People: Should Indigenous Peoples Be Compensated For Their Medicinal Plant Knowledge?; The Secular Sphinx: The Riddle of Ethics Without Religion; Why Creationists Fear Evolution: An Introduction to Bryan’s Last Speech; The Most Powerful Argument Against Evolution Ever Made: The Undelivered Speech to the Jury in the Scopes’ Trial; Save Fuel, the Nation, the Environment, Money … Sure; Whose is the Higher Superstition? Reflections on the Need for Skeptical Open-Mindedness in the Days to Come; Cosmythology: Was the Universe Designed to Produce Us?; The Question All Skeptics are Asking: What Was Adam’s IQ?; Skeptics Walk on Fire For Bill Nye “The Science Guy”; The Mysterious (and Profitable) Origins of Man; Millennium Mystery or Misinformation?; Patterson Bigfoot Hoax
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Skeptic volume 04 number 1

volume 04 number 1
Evolutionary Psychology

Quadro Tracker Dowsing Stick Tested by James Randi; News: Skeptics Conference, Psychic Challenge; Jehovah’s Witnesses/End of World; Psi Research Funds Forum; Skeptic Magazine Forum: Church of Scientology responds to Lippard Forum: Velikovsky; Physics; Raso Responds Forum: Repressed Memory Reversal Forum: In-Group v. Universal Morality Discussion Institute for Creation Research Museum Visit; McIver Guide to Evolutionary Psychology/Nature of Human Nature; Miele Sociology as Science; Don’t Delete Darwin: Salter Evolutionary Psychology as Protoscience; Critical Analysis of Evolutionary Psychology; Schlinger Interview: Lionel Tiger and Robin Fox; Interview: Stephen Jay Gould; Gould’s Dangerous Idea: Contingency/Necessity/nature of History; Reviews: Darwin’s Dangerous Idea; Hidden History of the Human Race; The Origin of Satan; The Final Superstition; 8 Brief Reviews: Paranormal, Evolution, Religion Humor: What is the Ant, Sir?
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Skeptic volume 03 number 4

volume 03 number 4
Cosmology & God

‘Twas Brillig… An Adventure in Asia or, How a Cultural Gap Can Lead to Total Misunderstanding; The Clicker Culture—How that Handy Little Gadget has Changed the Evening News; The Day I Met The Wizard: Oz Comes to Kansas; Skeptic News; Skeptics Society Survey; “First of All, Do No Harm”: A Recovered Memory Therapist Recants—An Interview With Robin Newsome; Is There Really a Cosmological Crisis? If the Stars are Older than the Universe then We Have a Serious Problem; Velikovsky’s Believe it or Not!!; Velikovsky Still in Collision; An Antidote to Velikovskian Delusions; Velikovsky’s Place in the History of Science—A Lesson on the Strengths and Limitations of Science; Can Science Prove God? Frank Tipler’s “The Physics of Immortality” is the Latest in a Long Line of Attempts to Unite Science and Religion; A Cosmological Dialogue Between Caltech Cosmologist Kip Thorne and Tulane Cosmologist Frank Tipler on the Physics of Immortality; Hope Springs Eternal—Dr.Tipler Meets Dr.Pangloss; Physics’ Balls and Schrödinger’s Kittens—Just Because our Treasured Theories of the Sub-Atomic World Work Does Not Necessarily Mean They Are Revealing the Ultimate Truth About What Goes on Inside Atoms; Darwin’s Dangerous Disciple— An Interview with Richard Dawkins; Love Thy Neighbor—The Evolution of In-Group Morality; Books in Brief; The Question All Skeptics Are Asking—Can a Cat be Simultaneously Alive and Dead?; About the Authors; Index
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Skeptic volume 03 number 3

volume 03 number 3
Race & IQ

The Latest Race and IQ Claims: Are They Scientific?; The Bell Curve: Top Experts Speak Out on the Science and Politics of Race and IQ Tests; Anthropologist Vince Sarich Defends the Bell Curve and the Concept of Important Racial Differences; IQ Bonus: Multiple Intelligences — An Interview with Robert Sternberg, Author of The Triarchic Mind; PLUS: HIV-AIDS Heretics Respond; The Satanic Panic; Father Victim of False Memories Speaks Out; Houdini Escapes Again; Scientology in Cyberspace; How to Eat a Light Bulb; James “the Amazing” Randi Debunks the Curse of the Pharaoh.
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Skeptic volume 03 number 2

volume 03 number 2

Does HIV Really Cause AIDS? A Case Study in Skepticism Taken Too Far; AIDS Part I: The Skeptics and Their Claims; Part II: How Skepticism Went Astray; Part III Lessons on How Science Works; A Provocative Interview With Charles Murray, Author of the Bell Curve; Alfred Russel Wallace, Charles Darwin, and the Resolution of a Scientific Priority Dispute; The Question All Skeptics Are Asking: Why Did God Make Rice Cakes?, PLUS: The Amazing Randi on Astrology; Should the Bible Be Taken Literally? and more…
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Skeptic volume 03 number 1

volume 03 number 1

Life After False Memory Syndrome; The Mattoon Phantom Gasser Mass Hysteria; Why Should Skeptics Understand Religion?; Skeptical Perspectives: A Heretic-Scientist Among the Spiritualists; Homeopathy; Therapeutic Touch; Alternative Medicine; Spiritual Belief Systems Try to Compete as Alternatives to Scientific Health Care; Conspiracies of Skiheads; Leftist Science; The Humanism of Star Trek; Liquefying “Blood”; and more…
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Skeptic volume 02 number 4

volume 02 number 4

Free Speech & Neo-Nazis; Denying the Holocaust; Afrocentrism & Holocaust Revisionism; Creationism & Racism; Were Egyptians & Greeks Black?; Beyond Race…
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Skeptic volume 02 number 3

volume 02 number 3
Fad Psychology

False Memory Syndrome; Facilitated Communication; Diagnoses are not Diseases; Sex, Brains, and Hands; How Thinking Goes Wrong; Pseudoscience in Psychiatry…
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Skeptic volume 02 number 2

volume 02 number 2
Science, Religion & Cults

The Jesus Cults; What Makes a Cult?; The Unlikeliest Cult of All; The Resurrection Myth; Was Christianity a Cult?; Realism and Religion…
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Skeptic volume 02 number 1

volume 02 number 1
Genius: Myth & Reality

Amadeus Myth; “Science” of Noah’s Ark; “Science” of Noah’s Ark; Genius by Steve Allen, James Randi, Paul MacCready, James Gleick et al (on Feynman)…
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Skeptic volume 01 number 4

volume 01 number 4
Witches, Heretics & Scientists

Introduction: The Price of Intolerance: Today’s Heretic, Tomorrow’s Saint; Spirits, Witches, and Science: Why the Rise of Science Encouraged Belief in the Supernatural in 17th-Century England; The Ideological Immune System: Resistance to New Ideas in Science; Skeptical News: Houdini; Millennium Watch; Newton; Haunted Hearing; Rational Sobriety; Scope of Skepticism; UFO Support Group; Psychics Fail; Skeptic’s Predictions; Skeptics TV; Tunguska; AIDS Dispute; A.R.E. You Sure? The Edgar Cayce Foundation Responds to a Skeptical Critique; Can Religion Be Rational?; The Day the Earth Moved: The Psychology of Resistance to the Heretical—Science of Copernicus; Jonestown: A CIA Medical Experiment?; On the Wild Side; Clouds of Secrecy: The Army’s Germ Warfare Tests; Over Populated Areas; Missing Pieces; How To Investigate Ghosts; UFOs,Psychics, and Other Mysteries; E.T.; Top Ten Science Frauds; Ten Great Unanswered Questions of Science; Galileo; Newton; Weird Wonders: It’s Baaack: The Nature-Nurture Debate Again; Exons, Introns and Talking Genes: The Science Behind the Human Genome Project; Bionomics; The Inevitability of Capitalism; Sociobiology and the Preemption of Social Science; The Road to Equality: Evolution and Social Reality by Paul McDowell; Discovery and Creation—The Creators: A History of Heroes of the Imagination; The Discoverers: A History of Man’s Search to Know Himself; The Discoverers: An Illustrated History of Man’s Search to Know Himself
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Skeptic volume 01 number 3

volume 01 number 3
Revolution in Evolution?

Special Punctated Equilibrium Section; The Mismeasure of History: Darwin, Gould, and the Nature of Change; Punctuated Equilibrium at Twenty: A Paleontological Perspective; Punctuated Equilibrium in Fact and Theory; Historic 1842 Sketch on Evolution by Charles Darwin. Skeptical News: Galileo Acquitted; Scientology v. IRS; Physicist Touts Meditation; Yogi Fights Crime; End of the World; Earth Out of Orbit; Astronaut Bends Spoons; Psychic Car Repair; Skeptical Balance; Psychical Grant; Randi Update; Geller Calls; Deviations: A Skeptical Investigation at Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment; In Brief and In Review: Books and Articles of Interest Darwin, Darwinism, and the Darwinian Culture; The Case of the Missing Brain
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Skeptic volume 01 number 2

volume 01 number 2

Science Fact or Science Fiction; The Society for the Recovery of Persons Apparently Dead: the History of Resuscitation; Reaching for Tomorrow: Technical Aspects of Cryonics; Basic Questions and Answers About Cryonics From Alcor Life Extension Foundation; Physicist in the White House?; “Holy Grail” Discovered; Black Holes; Acupuncturists and Chiropractors Fined; Secular Alcohol Treatment; Greenhouse Doubts; Laws of Robotics; UFO Info; Hume’s Maxim: What Does It Take To Establish A Miracle?; The Use and Abuse of Statistics in the “Real World”; Skeptical Perspectives: “Can Science Cheat Death?” Cryonics, Altered States and the Quest for Transcendence. Galileo, Gould, Transcendental Meditation, JFK Assassination, Conspiracy Theories; Freud; Catastrophic Catastrophes; Science in Western Culture
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Skeptic volume 01 number 1

volume 01 number 1
Tribute to Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov Tributes by Steve Allen, Martin Gardner and Harlan Ellison; Skeptics Society’s Manifesto; The Most Precious Thing We Have — The Triumph of the Scientific Method…
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