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Conclusions (episode 100)

AFTER 100 EPISODES of MonsterTalk, what is left to be said about science and monsters? Probably a lot. In this episode, we are joined by author and researcher Dr. Bryan Sykes, whose landmark examination of the DNA and physical evidence for Bigfoot and Yeti form the basis of his newest book, The Nature of the Beast. We also hear from many listeners about their own favorite monsters.

If you have relevant scientific expertise and would like to help Dr. Sykes with his Zana research, you can reach him at

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this episode of MonsterTalk!

Other Works by Dr. Bryan Sykes

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Robert M. Price on the biggest and most well known villain in Western culture: Satan
Monsters in America
Dr. Scott Poole on the history of monsters from colonial America to modern times
Fangs That Go Bump in the Night
Richard Sugg on his fascinating research into historic vampire cases


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