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2005 Episodes

December 20th: The UnChristmas Episode featuring Tom Flynn

Derek & Swoopy discuss their holiday plans and Swoopy interviews author Tom Flynn about his book The Trouble with Christmas. Will Swoopy take the Yule Free pledge?


December 13th: Derek answers the Five Skeptical Questions

The Five Skeptical Questions version of 5 Questions and Skepticality was a lot of fun. We were just missing one thing: Derek‘s answers. In a sit down last weekend, Derek & Swoopy recorded together for the first time in over three months. Also, monkey news and a great promo for the new season of The Signal podcast.


December 10th: Skepticality Special: 5 Skeptical Questions

The Five Skeptical Questions version of 5 Questions and Skepticality are here!


November 29th: Interview with Lynne Kelly, part one

Swoopy talks about upcoming shows and Skepticality format changes as well as recent mentions of Skepticality in the media. This epsiode features part 1 of Derek‘s lengthy interview with Lynne Kelly.


November 2nd: Fraser Cain interviews Richard Saunders

Derek says Hi, Swoopy does some Halloween-themed news, and Universe Today‘s Fraser Cain interviews noted Australian skeptic Richard Saunders.


October 16th: Fraser Cain interviews Tony Youens

Our friend Fraser Cain of Universe Today fame, helps out Skepticality by interviewing noted UK skeptic Tony Youens, who is the founding member of the Association for Skeptical Enquiry (ASKE). Also, Swoopy raves about her new George Hrab CD, and rants about avian flu.


October 4th: Special Show (iPod Winner Announced)

We announce the winner of the iPod contest, enjoy a Skeptic Moment and get some long overdue Monkey News.


September 20th: Interview with Dr. Marc Zimmer, PhD.

Skepticality returns with an interview recorded the week of September 3rd with Dr. Marc Zimmer, author of Glowing Genes: A Revolution in Biotechnology. Dr. Zimmer shows us that phosphorescence isn’t just for jellyfish and fireflies anymore, and Swoopy gives a big thank you to everyone who is keeping Derek’s family and Skepticality going.


September 1st: Special Guest: James Randi

James Randi comes back to Skepticality! This time around, Randi shares his thoughts on bad book authors, The Amazing Meeting 4, a story from the Million Dollar Prize, and Intelligent Design vs. Evolution.


August 22nd: Interview with Bob Carroll of SkepDic

In this episode, we interview Dr. Bob Carroll, author of the book, The Skeptic’s Dictionary and founder of the online encyclopedia of skeptical knowledge: SkepDic. Join us as we speak with Dr. Carroll about some of the topics he covers on his site and in his book.


August 17th: Special Guest: The Bad Astronomer Corner!

In this episode, Phil Plait answers some questions sent in over the past week by several listeners. A New Planet? Mars as big as the Moon? The War of the Worlds remake and the new Mars Observer launch.


August 9th: Interview with Seth Shostak from SETI

We talk with SETI Astronomer Seth Shostak, host of the SETI Radio Network’s Are We Alone? Dr. Shostak fills us in about new planets, the skeptical nature of SETI Radio, and what it is really like to work at SETI.


August 1st: Interview with George Hrab (Musical Guest)

Philosophunk! In this installment of Skepticality, Derek & Swoopy interview acclaimed musician and skeptic, George Hrab. George talks to us about his musical and philosophical influences, and we listen to some amazing tracks from his body of work, plus briefings on Skepticality at Dragon*Con, and a word about that new planet Xena.


July 25th: Win an iPod 20GB, Mesmer, Casino Monkey & Video Sex

Our Color iPod 20GB Giveaway! In this episode we discuss the legend of Mesmer, the GoldenPalace.Com monkey, and video game sex! And, we make up for a big error!


July 13th: Interview with Dr. Michael Shermer

In this episode we talk with Dr. Michael Shermer about the Science of Good and Evil, past government pseudoscience programs, and the Skeptics Society. Dr. Shermer is one of the most published skeptics in the world, and has an incredible resume of work and appearances behind his name. This is one show not to be missed!


July 5th: Interview Jennifer Michael Hecht (Doubt)

We discuss our new website, Swoopy covers the news, and we have an incredible discussion with Jennifer Michael Hecht, author of the book Doubt: A History. We talk about how doubt and skepticism have existed throughout history, and how is has been viewed over time. An interesting discussion about religion, doubt, skepticism, and humanist views.


June 28th: Interview with James Randi (JREF)

In this episode, we are honored and excited to present to you an interview with James Randi! James was kind enough to spend some time with us on the phone talking about the JREF, the Million Dollar Prize, and those pesky folks that think they can talk to the dead! Come join us and Mr. Randi for a great conversation.


June 17th: Interview with Benjamin Radford (Media Mythmakers)

We have a very special guest, Benjamin Radford, an editor at Skeptical Inquirer and Pensar magazine. Author of Media Mythmakers, and paranormal investigator at CSICOP. Benjamin joins us for a lively discussion on how the Media and activists use myth, emotion and bad statistics to mislead us.


June 16th: Interview with Tom Flynn (Free Inquiry)

We have a very special guest, Tom Flynn, editor of Free Inquiry magazine. Tom is an accomplished book author, CSICOP member, and well respected secular humanist at the Center for Inquiry. Come join us with Mr. Flynn as we discuss the meaning of secularism, and how it applies to current events.


June 12th: Interview with Rob Irving on Crop Circles

We have a very special guest, Rob Irving, from Circlemakers! Rob joined us to talk about the ‘myth’ of the crop circle and how he and the team of folks he works with create some of the beautiful and no-so-mysterious circles we see in the wheat.


June 6th: Round Table: Astronomy Podcast of Doom

The aPOD, (Astronomy Podcast of Doom!). This was a joint podcast which included 5–6 different science and astronomy based podcasters. The show/gathering was made possible by the folks at Slacker Astronomy, who gave us permission to play it as well! Since we are going on vacation today, this was a great little gift so we could bring you something cool to listen to! We hope you have as much fun listening as we did creating it.


May 27th: Roswell UFO Crash, Wiccan Parents…

The Roswell UFO Crash; bad judgement of wiccan parents; salt; what Darth Vader brings to bed…


May 19th: Interview with Dr. Phil Plait (Bad Astronomy)

This is our first interview show! We have a very special guest, Phil Plait, PhD Astronomer, author of Bad Astronomy, and popular skeptic seen on the most recent episode of Penn & Teller’s Bullshit! on Showtime. Join us with Phil, he’s a great guy and proves that critical thinking can be FUN!


May 14th: Flat Earth, Private Property, Sweden…

Ancient people believed the earth was flat; private property rights; ugly ripe tomatoes; Sweden — (You can love your pets… just don’t “love” your pets!)


May 9th: U.S. Founding Fathers Beliefs, Two-Spirits

The beliefs of the Founding Fathers, and the Two-Spirit tales.


May 9th: Machiavelli Might Have Been Cool

Machiavelli (he’s really not that bad…)


May 7th: All About Ghandi and Alternative Medicine

Ghandi and Alternative Medicine.


April 1st: What is Skepticality?

Just what is Skepticality? It is science, critical thought, humanist discussion, physics, history, astronomy, the debunking of pseudoscience and the paranormal. Come join us, and don‘t forget to subscribe via iTunes!



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Baloney Detection Kit Sandwich (Infographic) by Deanna and Skylar (High Tech High Media Arts, San Diego, CA)

The Baloney Detection Kit Sandwich (Infographic)

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Science Based Medicine vs. Alternative Medicine

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