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Michael Shermer on Evolution, I.D. Theory, Consciousness, Morality, Gullibility, and Nothing (AMA # 7)

In this AMA Dr. Shermer answers questions from listeners about evolution and creationism, intelligent design theory, the hard problem of consciousness, the origins of morality, how science deals with anomalies, to what extent humans are naturally rational or irrational / skeptical or gullible, and why there is something rather than nothing.

100th Episode Special — Ask Me Almost Anything (AMA#6)

In Science Salon # 100 Michael Shermer presents a special Ask Me Almost Anything (AMA # 6) on: extraterrestrial intelligence, Generic Subjective Continuity, Trump propaganda, Eliminative Materialism, eyewitness testimony, and more.

Michael Shermer — “Are the Miracles of Jesus Unbelievable?” Debate Postmortem (AMA # 5)

In this AMA special, Dr. Michael Shermer conducts a postmortem on his debate with the evangelical Christian theologian Luuk van de Weghe, elaborating on his notes from the debate, and suggesting ways to think about miracles from a scientific or naturalistic perspective.

Michael Shermer — The Problem of Evil (AMA # 4)

In Science Salon Ask Me Anything # 4, Dr. Shermer performs a postmortem on his debate/dialogue on with Dr. Brian Huffling at the Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Saturday February 23, 2019. The specific topic was: “Is the Reality of Evil Good Evidence Against the Christian God?”

Michael Shermer — Ask Me Anything # 3

In Science Salon AMA # 3, Dr. Shermer offers a brief summary of his current opinion of Jordan Peterson and then reads his essay: “Have Archetype — Will Travel: The Jordan Peterson Phenomenon”.

Michael Shermer — Ask Me Anything # 2

Shermer reviews the latest issue of Skeptic magazine • introduces upcoming podcast guests Rachel Kleinfeld, Bruce Schneier, Mark W. Moffett, and Jared Diamond • discusses his book publishing plans for 2019, including an essay collection of his last 70 Scientific American columns • reflects on his 18 years writing for Scientific American and reads aloud the final column, titled “Stein’s Law and Science’s Mission”.

Michael Shermer — Ask Me Anything # 1

Shermer answers 28 questions from listeners and subscribers about: science and skepticism; belief in God, Jesus, and religion; free will; Jordan Peterson; human nature; climate change; UFOs; ADHD; repressed memories; freedom of speech; medical quackery; capital punishment; and the future of humanity.

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