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Sabine Hossenfelder — Existential Physics: A Scientist’s Guide to Life’s Biggest Questions

What is time? Does the past still exist? How did the universe begin and how will it end? Do particles think? Was the universe made for us? Why doesn’t anyone ever get younger? Has physics ruled out free will? Will we ever have a theory of everything? To examine these ideas, Shermer speaks with Sabine Hossenfelder, a research fellow at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, Germany. She has published more than eighty research articles about the foundations of physics, including quantum gravity, physics beyond the standard model, dark matter, and quantum foundations.

Joshua Glasgow — The Solace: Finding Value in Death Through Gratitude for Life

Shermer and Glasgow discuss: What does an atheist say to a dying person? • Ricky Gervais’ The Invention of Lying • being dead vs. dying • When is the “natural” time to die? • Is death worse for the young because they are losing more? • What would it really mean to live forever? • suicide • Does a terminus to life increase it’s meaning and value? • gratitude vs. solace.

eSkeptic for February 23, 2021

Download a free PDF of Junior Skeptic 77: The Honest truth About Vaccines. PLUS: How can we find solace when we face the death of loved ones? How can we find solace in our own death? In episode 159 of The Michael Shermer Show, Dr. Shermer speaks with philosopher Joshua Glasgow about his book The Solace: Finding Value in Death Through Gratitude for Life.

eSkeptic for May 29, 2019

In Science Salon # 68, Lucyle T. Werkmeister Professor of Philosophy Dr. Michael Ruse discusses A Darwinian Meaning to Life; PLUS Harriet Hall, M.D. expresses concerns that under the right-to-try law, patients may not fully understand the risks and the low probability of success, and drug companies may take advantage to sell their products to desperate individuals at inflated prices.

Dr. Michael Ruse — A Darwinian Meaning to Life

Shermer and Ruse discuss Ruse’s early life growing up as a Quaker in England and how this influenced his thinking about religion • why he is a bulldog against creationism but has a soft spot in his heart for religion • why we should not read religious texts literally, but allegorically • his beef with the New Atheists • how Darwinism is a religion, and more…

eSkeptic for January 25, 2017

In this week’s eSkeptic, we announce three upcoming Science Salons with Dr. Carol Tavris, Dr. Andrew Shtulman, and Derren Brown; plus, Derek interview Bo Bennett on Skepticality about his latest book, Uncomfortable Ideas.


In this week’s eSkeptic, we draw from the archives of Skeptic magazine issue 4.1 (from 1996) in which Bernard Leikind posits the ant-thropic principle: the principle that the Universe somehow exists for ants and that ants are an expression of its purpose.

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